OnePlus replaces the battery of some old phones for free

وان پلاس باتری برخی گوشی‌های قدیمی را رایگان تعویض می‌کند

OnePlus apparently intends to replace the batteries of some of its old phones in the Indian market for free and only for a small fee, in order to gain the trust of users. Some informed sources say that the company has a large amount of batteries in stock and has a limited number of phones in the market by the phones that are named in the free replacement plan, and OnePlus only intended to gain the trust of new customers through this program.

OnePlus’s new design is currently underway, and users can go to the company’s reputable stores in India to request a new battery. Also, due to the prevalence of Corona virus, users can book their service request online, in which case, their request will only include a 50% discount. The handsets that are included in the company’s battery replacement plan are: OnePlus 3, 5 Series and 6 Series.

Users do not pay for a new battery, and OnePlus claims that it only charges a replacement fee. According to a user who redistributed this issue on the social network ReportedThe cost of replacing the OnePlus 5T battery is about $ 6.5. The oldest qualified device of this designer was released at least five years ago and the newest model was launched at least three years ago, which are considered as old devices considering all their charging cycles.

There is no official reason given by the company for planning this new program, but it seems that the company’s spare battery life has been stable for a long time, which may be related to their program. Also, the batteries used in this design are probably outdated and it is unlikely that there will be much demand for them. So OnePlus has launched such a program to gain the trust of its customers.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Replacing cell phone batteries can be a good choice for people who want to keep them for years to come.

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