Oppo is developing authentication technology through hand vein scans

اوپو در حال توسعه فناوری تایید هویت از طریق اسکن رگ‌های دست است

Oppo’s new patent introduces biometric authentication technology to unlock wearable gadgets, which unlocks the device by scanning the user’s hand veins.

New Oppo technology with patent number CN110298944B it is registered And describes “how to unlock a vein and unlock the device with a vein.” Oppo had applied for this patent in 2019, but its information has been published recently. According to the description, the patent describes a biometric system similar to a face recognition or fingerprint scanning system, but this time the users’ hand veins are scanned. It is noteworthy that this technology is very similar to the LG Hand ID system, which used the thickness and features of users’ veins to unlock.

Therefore, it can be expected that this system will also check and record the thickness and characteristics of users’ blood vessels for authentication and access permission. While the exact details of this technology are not specified, the system mentioned in this patent could potentially be used in various electronic products of the Chinese technology giant.

The application of this technology is especially evident in Oppo’s wearable products such as watches and smartwatches. However, it is not yet clear whether Oppo is developing its new security technology or whether only its patent has been granted.

Huawei’s bans and declining share of the smartphone market appear to have prompted other Chinese companies to introduce new products and technologies to fill the gap. Oppo has also recently unveiled its new technology and products, such as the new generation of on-screen camera technology, Oppo Watch 2 and the latest technology, fast charging.

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