Oxford University Research: There is no link between earphone use and brain tumors

پژوهش دانشگاه آکسفورد: ارتباطی میان استفاده از گوشی و تومورهای مغزی وجود ندارد

For years, there have been rumors that cell phone waves are causing a tumor. However, the results of a long-term study by the University of Oxford show that this claim is unfounded and that the emission of mobile waves during normal use does not cause a brain tumor.

About 5 years ago, a court in Italy ruled to create a tumor by موبایل‌ها had been given. These conversations have been exchanged between different people for years and some users have a negative image of Mobile waves have; But Oxford Studies They show something else.

Mobile waves have nothing to do with brain tumors

Now Study results Related to this topic by «International Agency for Research on Cancer” In partnership with “Oxford University” It’s been published. In this great project, the state of health More than 1 million English women For More than 20 years Has been under investigation. The results of this study show that the relationship between “Waves emitted from mobile” And “Brain tumors” Does not exist.

Perhaps the main reason for this talk is how to use smartphones; Because before the invention of cell phones, radio waves They were not so close to the human brain.

If we want to enter statistics, from every 4 women in the years 1935 to 1950 Born in the United Kingdom in 2001 a woman Participated in this project. During this project, a health monitoring questionnaire was sent every few years to collect information about the health of the participants.

Among the women who participated in the important Oxford project, 3268 people Finally to Brain Tumor Were infected. However, it turned out that the reason for the tumor in their brain Nothing to do Has not used cell phones. Even other tumors of the nervous system and eyes are not associated with these smart gadgets.

Of course, we must mention that the researchers in their findings Caution Have had. This information has not yet been proven for children and adolescents, and it is unclear whether heavy cell phone use can increase the risk of developing cancer. However, mobile technology has advanced to such an extent that it is no longer No need to worry In this case is not.

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