Parents request girls named Alexa from Amazon: Change the name of your voice assistant

درخواست والدین دختران با نام الکسا از آمازون: اسم دستیار صوتی خود را تغییر دهید

Parents who name their children Alexa say their daughters have been harassed because of the name of Amazon’s smart voice assistant. They are now calling for the voice assistant to be renamed Inhuman.

Some of these families have changed their children’s names because they claim that the level of abuse has exceeded the tolerable level. Amazon reacts to this announced He regrets hearing these reports and condemns any abuse of children in the strongest possible terms.

The word Alexa has become very popular among families in recent years as more people now use Amazon smart speakers. Speakers such as Amazon Echo and Echo.com can be activated with Alexa command and receive user commands. However, people whose names are Alexa have problems; For example, others repeatedly shout their names and give them orders as a joke.

The mother of one of the children says that her child was reluctant to introduce himself when he entered middle school because of these jokes. The school did not help him in this regard and believed that the student himself should increase his level of tolerance. This caused Alexa’s mother to change her child’s name. He is asking Amazon to change the default wake-up command for the company’s voice assistant.

There are currently more than 4,000 people under the age of 25 living in the UK under the name Alexa. Of course, this is not just about children and teens or the UK. “I think it is morally unacceptable for a brand to steal a human name and completely change its meaning,” said one German adult who was constantly influenced by the jokes. “My name is my identity.”

“As a replacement for Alexa, we can use other wake-up commands like Echo, PC and Amazon,” says Amazon. “We care about our customers’ feedback and, as always, strive to provide more capabilities in this area.”

Amazon is not the only company that has chosen its assistant name from among human names. Apple Siri is an acronym for “Sigrid” used in Norway, Sweden and the Faroe Islands. Of course, the pronunciation of Siri in Norwegian is more elongated and with more emphasis on the letter “R”.

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