Passenger information of some of the world’s largest airlines was leaked

Passenger information of some of the world's largest airlines was leaked

SITA, which provides IT and telecommunications services to the aviation industry, has been the victim of a “very complex cyber attack” that has leaked information to hundreds of thousands of airline passengers around the world.

The attack took place last month (February) and targeted passenger information servers containing data on transactions between customers and airlines. have been. The exact nature of the leaked information is not known, but some of it was flight information shared by SITA by Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline association.

Some of the world’s largest airlines, including United Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada and 23 other major airlines, are members of the Star Alliance, and a number of them have announced that customer information could be leaked following the SITA attack.

Air New Zealand, a member of the union, recently announced that some of the company’s customers, as well as many other members of the Star union, had fallen victim to the SITA attack. Singapore Airlines said in a similar statement that some of its customers were affected by the information leak.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. A spokesman for the union said several airlines around the world had been attacked, but declined to name them.

As reported below, this cyber attack affected a large number of customers, but fortunately in most cases, the stolen information did not matter much. For example, the information of more than 500,000 Singapore Airlines customers was leaked, which did not include important items such as password or bank card information.

This cyber attack once again warns of the danger of third parties to the supply chain. Due to the complexity of the methods of collecting, storing and sharing customer data, the probability of ignoring small vulnerabilities is very high and hackers are waiting for just such an opportunity.

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