Patent registration of shatter-resistant foldable display by Apple

Patent registration of shatter-resistant foldable display by Apple

Samsung is one of the main and best-selling manufacturers of Android phones, and in the last two or three years, this company has created attractive innovations in the field of smartphone performance and screens by presenting its foldable phones, however, Apple is another important and best-selling company. Apparently, the world of smartphones has not been completely idle to enter the foldable phone sector, and this company has recently launched a New patent for foldable phone screen Smart registered.

However, one of the main problems of folding phones is the design of the screen and its proper operation in the long term, but Apple is probably doing research and development in this field by registering a new patent that is supposed to be unbreakable. However, Apple’s attempt to patent an unbreakable foldable display is largely understandable, and the screens of these products are somewhat problematic in this regard.

However, no details are available in this regard, but if Apple’s plan is properly implemented, this company can solve the concerns of users for the problems related to the display of folding phones by releasing it. In this regard, this is not Apple’s first attempt in this field, and the company filed a patent in 2022 for a screen that repairs itself automatically, and this idea is theoretically based on the fact that the screen after receiving small scratches, Automatically recover!

Apple display folding patent

While some people think that Apple is not going to release a foldable iPhone, but the company’s efforts in this field so far have reported otherwise. Currently, unofficial reports are announcing the possibility of a possible folding iPad, and in this regard, it has been said that because the iPad is a less important series than the iPhone, its release can be considered appropriate to receive user feedback and investigate possible problems.

The release of the first generation of folding phones is a difficult issue for many companies, while in the future, more companies, including Google Pixel, are going to release their folding products.

  • Samsung will unveil the world’s largest folding screen in 2023
  • Apple’s M2 Pro chipset is 12% slower than the M1 Max in the graphics department!
  • A 44% increase in sales of foldable phones is expected to reach 18 million in 2023

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