Payment Area Activists: Rahvar Police is the main loser in cutting off private sector access to the breach system

فعالان حوزه پرداخت: پلیس راهور بازنده اصلی قطع دسترسی بخش خصوصی به سامانه خلافی است

Digipi product manager and co-founder of Qazino, two companies active in the payment of bills, during a conversation with Digiato, reacted to the recent decision of the NAJA traffic police to cut off the access of private companies to pay traffic fines and believe that the main losers are Rahoor police and users. According to them, this decision will eliminate the high potential for payment of fines created by applications in this area and will lead to user dissatisfaction.

Although the story of cutting off the access of bill payment applications to the system of traffic violations is nothing new, but from yesterday and with Rahoor Naja Police Chief announced It has entered a new phase: “Private companies keep the fines paid by the people to their bank accounts and after a few days, taking advantage of the profits of these fines, they transfer them to the state treasury account.” “As a result, we have cut off the access of these companies to our infringing payment system, and these portals are not approved by the police.”

But Ali Abbasi, the co-founder of Qabzino, denied the allegations in an interview with Digiato, saying that he had written to the Rahvar police and was ready to audit and prove his claim:

“According to the discussion of the dynamic password and the number of infringement bills registered for each car, if the user intends to pay all his fines, he must receive a dynamic password SMS for each bill. Therefore, some payment companies, for the convenience of their users, turn it into a payment and transfer the money to their account so that the user is not bothered and the settlement is done later. “The entry of this money into bank accounts also creates a tax problem.”

According to him, because this issue is very sensitive, no such thing has been done in the receipts and for each transaction, a dynamic password SMS is sent to the user and it is settled one by one, so no money enters their accounts: “Also with PSP “We will work with Rahvar-approved to settle illegal bills so that our users do not have to worry.”

“Javad Seyed Hamzeh”, the product manager of Digipi, also tells Digiato that since if the fines are not paid on time, it may be doubled, so after the user pays, the money will be deposited and settled at the destination terminal. .

He did not rule out the possibility of negligence on the part of the terminal (bank or PSP) to settle with Rahvar, and says that as a payment area application, we always seek to settle faster so that users do not face the problem of doubling the fines.

Rahvar users and police, the main losers of the adventure

Sayed Hamzeh, in response to Digito’s question about the effects of the recent decision of the traffic police on the private sector and users, said that the first disadvantage of this restriction goes back to the traffic police because other users can no longer easily inquire and pay their fines.

According to him, when there is a free and easy inquiry service available to the user, the possibility and potential of payment also increases:

“Payment applications increase the potential for payment of fines. Since this service has been disconnected from DJI, it means that our users have no longer paid their fines, so the police get the money from the fines later. “Awareness of the amount of crimes was attractive to some users, who would pay and zero their fines if they registered a violation, but now they have been deprived of such a possibility.”

The product manager of Digipi considers ease, quick access and high payment potential as the main benefits of payment applications, which have been lost due to the recent decision of the traffic police.

1631548678 537 Payment Area Activists Rahvar Police is the main loser in Payment Area Activists: Rahvar Police is the main loser in cutting off private sector access to the breach system 2

Abbasi also believes that the private sector has helped the users and the police in this area and the main stakeholders have been:

“The user could easily and without the need to visit in person to pay for his crimes without the risk of coronary heart disease or having to pay for relocation and …. Rahvar police can easily connect their demands by paying bills on time by users. During our 4 years of operation, we have found that 90% of users are willing to pay their debts on time, but many do not act in this direction due to ignorance or forgetfulness, and sometimes face a doubling of the cost of their fines. “While the private sector expands its activities to provide sufficient information and satisfaction to users, receivables are also deposited in the state treasury.”

According to him, the third beneficiary is the private sector, which provides services to the digital economy and strengthens the country’s economy.

The co-founder of Qabzino, stating that payment applications do not provide more information to users than the Rahvar 120 site, considers the possibility of viewing transaction history, reducing the number of payment errors, better user interface, online support, etc. among the benefits of its app for users.

He told Digito about the 48-hour delay in settling bills. “This is a natural thing that has nothing to do with bills, and a message is posted on Rahvar 120:” “They are not online, there is a delay.”

Provide solutions to the traffic police

According to Seyyed Hamzeh, the police should provide the inquiry and settlement API directly to companies operating in the field of payment, so that the payment of fines by users is deposited directly into the treasury account and the concern for Rahoor police is resolved. “Money arrives, and the customer is more satisfied with the speed with which his crimes are settled.”

He emphasizes that an application such as Digipi does not seek revenue from paying its users’ fines, and such a service is provided only to increase user satisfaction and their rate of return to the application.

The product manager of DJP believes that the recent decision of Rahvar police will reduce the payment of fines by one fifth and users will move the settlement to the future, such as the time of selling the car.

Abbasi also told Digito that they did not earn any money from paying the driving fines because the money was transferred directly to the treasury account and they provided this service only according to the users’ request and their satisfaction.

1631548678 997 Payment Area Activists Rahvar Police is the main loser in Payment Area Activists: Rahvar Police is the main loser in cutting off private sector access to the breach system 4

According to him, in recent years, they have had various correspondences with officials to explain their process and gain their trust:

“Last year, one of the police companies issued a call for a series of companies to apply for access to the payment area and for everything to proceed legally. “Unfortunately, startups have been left out of the story and it has been decided to give access only to PSPs, while we are still looking to make that happen.”

As Abbasi tells Digiato in March 1999, during coordination with Rahvar commanders, promises of support were made to them that should have been trusted first:

“We have announced our readiness in this regard. We were initially asked to temporarily suspend our fine service for a period of up to two weeks. “Despite the fact that this incident coincided with Nowruz and the courier visit of users, in order to gain the trust of the officials, this service was removed, but due to the lack of other meetings and high demand from users, the service was restored.”

In the end, he expressed hope that the authorities would share their concerns with the private sector so that the problems would be resolved as soon as possible and that there would be no service problems for our users.

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