PC monitor sales decline in the final quarter of 2022, entering another recession

PC monitor sales decline in the final quarter of 2022, entering another recession

Related reports Stagnant shipments from manufacturers to retailers due to a lack of consumer buying have affected almost every market worldwide, especially when building a PC from scratch or upgrading components such as monitors. Recently, International Data Corporation IDCmonitors the PC monitor market and cites the top five manufacturers in the field for a Q4 market share review, which in summary shows a year-over-year decrease in PC monitor sales for all of them.

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The declining trend of PC monitor sales will continue in 2023

During this research, IDC found that we are facing a nearly six percent decline in PC monitor sales in the year ending 2022. The target unit volume was over 30.5 million displays, which is reported to be the lowest number that companies have seen since the market crash of 2008. IDC shows that Dell ,HP, Lenovo, TPV And Samsung They have seen a 16.2% decrease in their total shipments in the last quarter of last year.

Decline in PC monitor sales

This is not so strange for the companies and the media as several manufacturers are losing sales by the end of 2022 and are hoping for 2023. This decrease is due in large part to a shift in the market caused by the events of working in a remote environment during the pandemic. The demand to return to the workplace of companies that were affected by economic losses during those years suggests that the creation of newer technology to collect resources and manufacture more expensive parts is ahead. In fact, we are once again in an economic recession due to the regional blocs imposed by the US and China, which are again reducing sales because parts and units are not available or are available at high costs to consumers.

Monitors will remain an afterthought for many buyers in the short term. Pre-Covid-19 annual volumes averaged around 125 million, then rose to more than 135 million for each of the past three years. It takes a while for the dust to settle. Consumers and businesses are realigning their priorities, but we’re confident that many of the recently developed mounts will be encouraged to upgrade in the coming years.

Jay Chu, director of worldwide consumer device tracker research at IDC

Decline in PC monitor sales

IDC reports that we will soon see a “partial recovery” in 2024, with inventory levels increasing during this time. Of course, if you have been following the news about the global technology market in the last few months, you know very well that this decrease in demand is not limited to monitors and other parts of this market such as smartphones, central processors, graphics processors, laptops and other things. It is also included, all of which is a confirmation of entering a period of post-coronavirus recession. Of course, until now, most analysts have described this period as fleeting.

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