Pejman Nozad was included in the list of top investors in Silicon Valley

Pejman Nozad was included in the list of top investors in Silicon Valley

During the Corona virus epidemic, the world of technology underwent many changes, and we witnessed extensive investments as well as valuable initial offerings in this field. Now the latest list of the top Silicon Valley investors for 2021 published In which the name of an Iranian appears. Baby Pejman, who has been in Silicon Valley for a long time, was able to rank 15th on this list.

Forbes, in partnership with TrueBridge Capital Partners, annually publishes a list called the Midas List, which lists the top 100 investors in technology.

In the 2021 list, the name of an Iranian can be seen, who, of course, is also in a high position. Pejman Nozad, whom we introduced to you in Digiato in the past, was able to rank 15th on this list.

The baby, who is an immigrant from Iran, co-founded Pear Ventures in 2013 with Spanish entrepreneur Mar Hershenson. Hershenson is also on the list of the top 100 investors in Silicon Valley and is ranked 299th. This entrepreneur is one of the 12 women on this list.

The baby has invested in many startups to date, including Duress, Zosk, and Branch Metric, with Baby and Hershenson on the Midas list because of their distance.

This successful Iranian entrepreneur founded the Garage Growth Center several years ago, which helps students and young entrepreneurs with pure ideas to achieve their goals. Most of these people have studied at reputable centers such as Stanford. The reason for choosing the name of this center is that the spark for the establishment of many successful Silicon Valley businesses has been formed in the garages of houses.

Investor companies are included in the list based on the startups they have invested in and which have been divested or publicly traded for at least $ 200 million over the past five years. Of course, if the value of these startups is at least doubled since the initial investment, ie $ 400 million, it is possible for them to be included in this list.

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