Pininfarina Theorem was introduced; An intriguing concept from the age of the car

پینین فارینا تئورما معرفی شد؛ یک کانسپت جذاب از عصر خودران

Pininfarina, one of the world’s leading design studios, has unveiled an electric concept. This modern and futuristic concept is called Teorema and benefits from the latest technologies available.

Pininfarina’s design team has used virtual and augmented reality to create the theorem. This unique electric sedan has a length of 5.4 meters and in terms of dimensions it can be considered similar to the Mercedes Maybach S-Class. But in terms of height, this car is similar to sports cars, because it has a height of 1.4 meters.

Pininfarina says the advanced concept was designed with aerodynamics in mind and has spent many hours in the wind tunnel. For better aerodynamics, several large air ducts and ducts are designed on the body of the theorem; As you probably know, the lower the resistance to air flow, the better the range of motion.

Pininfarina Theorem

Like the exterior, the Pininfarina Theorema has a special and different design inside the cabin. In the cabin of this concept car, the seats are arranged in 1 + 2 + 2, this style is reminiscent of McLaren F1 and SpeedTil. But unlike the two mentioned models, there is no mention of the steering wheel in Theorem, because Pininfarina imagined it with automotive technology; This concept has two driving modes, which are Drive Mode and Rest Mode.

Pininfarina Theorem

Theorem chairs are designed by the furniture company Poltrona Frau. These chairs can be folded. The German company Continental has also collaborated in the construction of this concept and has advised on research and development processes, while the sliding buttons are the company’s cabin.

Pininfarina Theorem

Little is known about the technical specifications of the media, but we know that Theorem is based on the chassis for electric vehicles developed by Benteler. Pininfarina is designing famous cars such as the Ferrari 250 GT SWB, Peugeot 504 and Peugeot 405 and is preparing to produce the Batista electric supercar.

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