Plastic-eating supercream; A new way to recycle waste

ابرکرم‌های پلاستیک‌خوار؛ راهکاری جدید برای بازیافت زباله‌ها

New research shows that the stomach is a special type of cream that has enzymes that can break down plastic. Scientists now hope to find these creatures called «Super creamThey are known to be used as an alternative way to deal with the problem of plastic waste.

Australian researchers Found The pupae or larvae of “Zofobas morio” or in the slang term supercream can be plastic Polystyrene Eat and decompose it. “Superworms are like small recycled centers that break down polystyrene with their mouths and give it to the bacteria in their stomachs,” says Dr. Chris Rinky.

Scientists at the University of Queensland have studied different materials throughout three weeks They fed three groups of superworms. The group that received polystyrene even gained weight. The researchers found that several Enzyme In the stomach, these creams are able to break down polystyrene and styrene. These materials are widely used in outdoor food containers, insulation and car parts.

Production of gastric enzymes by superfluids for plastic recycling

This research whose results are published in the journal Microbial Genomics Published, is not going to become a center full of supercream to eat plastic. Instead, scientists hope to find the most effective enzyme in the stomachs of these organisms and reproduce it in the laboratory to Scalable method Reach for plastic recycling. Dr. Rinki says materials from the decomposition of plastics can then be used by other microbes to produce valuable compounds such as Bioplastic to be used.

Although researchers have already found that some beetle pupae can decompose polystyrene, this new study seems to go a step further and further investigate how this process occurs in Molecular level Has done. And this is very important in turning this approach into a new recycling method.

However, many challenges still need to be overcome so that scientists can use the enzymes of these organisms to break down plastic.

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