Playing soothing music during surgery reduces postoperative pain

Playing soothing music during surgery reduces postoperative pain

Many people need pain medication after surgery, but now, according to new research, listening to music and soothing words during surgery can reduce the level of pain as well as the need for postoperative pain.

Around the world, more than 200 million people undergo surgery every year, most of whom undergo general anesthesia. General anesthesia is considered an emotionless state, and while the level of consciousness is very low, there is evidence of connected consciousness that indicates the ability to perceive the external environment. If such evidence is true, can such a situation be used to advantage?

New research To find out, he conducted an experiment with 385 patients between the ages of 18 and 70 in five German hospitals, who underwent 1 to 3 hours of surgery under general anesthesia. These individuals were randomly divided into two groups including the intervention group with 191 patients and the control group with 194 patients.

In this study, different factors such as the type and duration of surgery, preoperative pain and the use of drugs during surgery were the same in both groups. In the intervention group, an audiotape with background music and positive suggestions based on the principles of hypnotherapy was used, which was repeatedly played through the earphone for 20 minutes during general anesthesia, and then the patients experienced 10 minutes of silence. In the control group, a blank strip was used for patients.

While the pain levels of the patients in both groups were the same before surgery, the level of pain was significantly different in the first 24 hours after surgery, and on average the pain rate was 25% lower in the intervention group. This led to a significant reduction in analgesic use in the first 24 hours after surgery in the intervention group.

In addition to this reduction, fewer patients needed such drugs. In the intervention group, 121 out of 191 patients (63%) needed these drugs. In the control group, this number was equal to 155 out of 194 people (80%), which indicates a decrease of nearly 17%. No side effects were reported during this test.

Recent research shows that playing music and soothing words through an earphone can be a safe, practical, inexpensive, and non-pharmacological technique for reducing postoperative pain and taking painkillers. Despite these results, the performance of this method should be tested in more invasive and painful surgeries. Many more experiments are needed before this technique can be widely used.

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