PlayStation is testing a cross-platform NFT system for its games

PlayStation is testing a cross-platform NFT system for its games

A new patent filed by Sony shows that PlayStation plans to develop a cross-platform NFT system for its games.

The video game industry has been paying a lot of attention to monetization through non-fungible tokens (NFT) in recent years. Recently, the gaming industry has seen the unveiling of the Symbiogenesis blockchain project by Square Enix, and a number of studios and publishers in the industry have shown interest in investing in blockchain technology.

According to new reports, Sony has filed a new patent indicating that the company is looking to build a cross-platform NFT-based system. The patent was filed in 2021 but has now been made public. Accordingly, cross-platform players can find NFTs in-game and share them across multiple platforms. In addition, Sony plans to let users use this property in other games.

Cross platform NFT system

this patent It features interoperability across multiple platforms, allowing users to know which NFTs they can use in other games and platforms. This structure states that users can access NFTs through metadata and “Smart Contacts” with the ability to run other games and use them on other platforms.

How will the PlayStation NFT cross-platform system work?

There are also several scenarios on how users can acquire unique NFTs. For example, users who can beat a game’s boss fight the fastest or get a new skin during the game will receive a unique NFT. This NFT is then used across games and other platforms.

Cross platform NFT system

Of course, this structure raises many questions for users. The mechanism of this feature is still unknown in roguelike games and Sony exclusive titles. In Sony’s hypothetical scenario, NFT holders can use their tokens in other games and platforms. But the patent doesn’t explain how that might happen.

It should be mentioned that “Sony” company has recently launched the experimental phase of this project. Therefore, there is a possibility that this patent will not be realized on the PlayStation console. However, if such a plan were to materialize on the said platform, Sony would probably sign a long-term contract with some game companies in this field. Perhaps a game with multiple installments would be useful for such an investment. Of course, it should be noted that the users of the gaming community are against irreplaceable tokens and consider it a method of fraud.

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