Possibility of using very old chips in Google Pixel Watch

احتمال استفاده از تراشه‌ای بسیار قدیمی در پیکسل واچ گوگل

Google Initially intended Pixel watch Make the year 2018 near Pixel 3 It was launched, but obviously the situation did not go according to the company’s wishes. It looks like this product is still on the way, but it is possible that due to this delay, old chips will be used in it.

Therefore News Existing, a chip that is likely to be used to make a pixel watch, Exynos 9110 Construction Samsung It will be the product of the Koreans in 2018.

Earlier, there was talk in the news about the possibility of using a chip made by Samsung in the Pixel Watch, but most experts in this field believed that the selected chip model of Google, Exynos W920 Will be on Galaxy Watch 4 Was used.

Exynos W920 chip with lithography 5 nm And nuclei Corex-A55 It has high performance but Exynos 9110 is based on architecture 10 nm Made with old cores Cortex-A53 Is. With the release of the Exynos W920, Samsung has improved the performance of this chip compared to previous generations 20 Increased and according to the company its graphic functionality also up 10 times Has improved.

The reason Google used the old chip for the Pixel Watch

One of the reasons for this is that the project is old because the Exynos 9110 was still a new product at the time. On the other hand, when the Exynos W920 became available, it was likely that changing Google’s plans to use another chip could have further delayed the production process.

Of course, not everything is a chip, and Google is already in it Pixel 6 From the tensor chip It is technically obsolete. So maybe Google will optimize the Exynos 9110 chip as much as possible for its first smartwatch.

Finally, the Pixel Watch is expected in the fall Pixel 7 And 7 پرو It should be launched, but if users are looking for the latest hardware in Android watches, they should go to another brand.

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