Possibility to equip the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with a fingerprint sensor under the dual display

احتمال تجهیز گلکسی زد فولد ۴ به سنسور اثر انگشت زیر نمایشگر دوطرفه

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 was introduced a few months ago and there was no mention of a fingerprint scanner under the screen. But apparently Samsung is looking to use this technology in the Galaxy Z Fold 4. According to reports LetsGo DigitalOn March 31, Samsung filed a patent for a “folding electronic device with fingerprint recognition through part of the display.”

Two-way patent scanner patent information was recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Implementing a fingerprint scanner on folding devices is a difficult task due to its greater flexibility. For this reason, Samsung has not used this technology in its clamshell phones, but apparently the Korean company has now found a solution to this issue.

The biometric sensor is located on the external display and can be used when the screen is open. An electronic board between the two displays detects both modes. The study was conducted in South Korea in 2020, but we will have to wait until the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 to see if Samsung will use the technology.

The Korean giant is currently the world leader in clamshell phones, and it is hoped that the final price of these products will decrease in the coming years to make them more accessible to consumers. Due to the interest of other companies in making clamshell phones, the competition in this field is increasing, which can lead to lower prices.

According to a report, we will probably see the introduction of Google Pixel Fold soon. Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo are other companies that want to have a strong presence in this market. Of course, it is worth noting that most mobile manufacturers make their foldable screens from Samsung. Until the introduction of the Galaxy The Zfold 4 has a long way to go, and by then more information will be released on Samsung’s new clamshell phone.

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