Pre-release Sapphire Rapids workstation processor configuration disclosure

Pre-release Sapphire Rapids workstation processor configuration disclosure

Recently, before the official unveiling of Intel processors Sapphire Rapids workstation information about these processors It has leaked out. This processor series will actually come in two Xeon W-3400 and Xeon W-2400 series, and the W-2400 series is going to support fewer cores that are between 6 and 24.

According to the information provided, Intel is going to release Sapphire Rapids processors with support for 4-channel DDR5 RAM and with support for 8 sub-channels as well as 64-lane PCIe5 input and output. Another series of this product category is called the W-3400 series, which is supposed to be available with 12 cores and 24 threads and 56 cores and 112 threads configuration, which almost maximizes the number of Sapphire Rapids cores.

These chips will also be available from a wide 8-channel interface with 16 sub-channels and support for DDR5. Intel is also said to support PCIe5 for input and output with 112 lanes for these chips.

Sapphire Rapids processor

According to the leaked information, the initial price for the low-end chips of the W-2400 series has been announced as close to $360, while the price of the highest-end products of this series reaches $2189. The W-3400 series also has a starting price of $1,189 for the 12-core model with support for 24 threads, while the 56-core model comes with a price tag of $5,889. Intel has also made ECC memory support available for all models.

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