Predict a significant drop in car sales in the United States due to chip shortages

پیش‌بینی افت فروش چشمگیر خودرو در آمریکا به علت کمبود تراشه

Despite the global shortage of chips and the resulting slowdown in factory production amid consumer demand, car sales in the US market are expected to decline compared to last year. 15 Percentage in the first quarter of the year.

General Motors Friday in a report Announced That sales of the company in the first quarter of this year 20 The percentage has decreased and Toyota Also with 15 The percentage reduction in sales is in a similar situation. Among the other major sellers of this market are companies Stellanis 14 Percentage, Nissan 30 Percentage, Honda 23 Percent and Hyundai 4 They had a percentage drop in sales. It should be noted that sales statistics Ford And Tesla Not yet published.

Reports from most automakers have cited a shortage of chips as the main reason for the drop in sales, an event that began late last year and continued to disrupt the market. Of course, there are still hopes that the situation will improve in the second half of the year, but we have to wait and see.

What do other car sales forecasts say for the rest of the year?

According to Elaine Buckberg GM’s chief economist: Despite rising inflation and rising fuel prices, supply chain improvements should boost car sales throughout the year.

Thomas King Head of Data and Analysis JD Power Also says March is usually the best-selling month for automakers, however inventory 900000 Thousands of these companies lost sales nationwide. Also, the constant volume of market demand and the lack of discounts, the average selling price of the first quarter to record 44129 The dollar has risen, which is not a good thing.

Also according to statistics Edmunds.com Cars are being sold faster by dealers, with some dealers reporting that all ex-factory models have been sold. This is while according to Jessica Caldwell CEO of Edmunds.com Automakers’ products due to a shortage of parts caused by the war Ukraine It can still be disrupted, which means a lack of car inventory throughout the year.

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