Predicting the weather on Mars is likely to be possible soon

پیش‌بینی آب و هوای مریخ احتمالا به‌زودی ممکن می‌شود

One of the current challenges for robots and humans to land on Mars is forecasting the planet’s climate. There are huge dust storms on Mars that change the temperature and density of the planet’s atmosphere. Such conditions make it more difficult to predict the planet’s climate when spacecraft land, but scientists want to be able to predict the weather on Mars in the future.

To solve this problem, researchers Trying There are models for designing Martian weather forecasts. Yale University researchers have been able to get a few steps closer to their goal by modeling the Red Planet’s climate from Earth jet streams. Jet currents are relatively strong, high-velocity winds that concentrate in a narrow stream at high altitudes. These currents occur on some planets and moons in our solar system, such as Titan and Mars.

Researchers believe that we are only ten years away from predicting the weather on Mars, and after that, we can predict the weather for several days. All that needs to be done is to combine better observational databases with modified numerical models. Until these two cases are reached, researchers can predict Martian sandstorms by linking the planet’s climate.

During this time, the team found that there were similarities between the eddy currents generated by the jets in the Earth’s atmosphere and the conditions in the southern hemisphere. By modeling these currents in Martian conditions, they were able to obtain a one-year Martian climate model. This pattern was able to predict small tornadoes to massive sandstorms on the planet.

These sandstorms can cause many problems for Martian missions. For example, missions that use solar panels to power themselves have less access to sunlight and may lose touch with the ground. Studying and predicting these events is crucial for space missions, and scientists hope to one day achieve them.

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