Prediction of researchers: Digital humans of Metaverse will become serious competitors of celebrities

پیش‌بینی محققان: انسان‌های دیجیتالی متاورس، رقبای جدی سلبریتی‌ها می‌شوند

Research firm Emergen predicts the value of the global market for digital humans from 10 billion dollars in 2020 to approx. 530 billion dollars In the year 2030 arrives. It is even said that the days will come when digital humans will take the place of today’s celebrities.

According to the description provided in Deloitte company website who works on the digital human project, a digital human is basically an avatar that can communicate with others through body language. In fact, digital humans in virtual space, using artificial intelligence techniques, can check the relevant data and provide the appropriate answer.

By becoming Metaverse As one of the trends in the world, many projects were formed in this field, such as the first virtual hospital, which basically provides a digital experience to users using virtual reality techniques.

A digital human created by Baidu and inspired by a Chinese singer

In recent years, there has been a lot of attention paid to this industry as the presence of digital humans in sectors such as retail, healthcare and finance is increasing.

Meanwhile, one of China’s biggest celebrities, Simon Gong, recently released a video that quickly garnered 15 million views on Weibo. The remarkable thing about the music video was that Gong was not present in it and in fact, from the digital version of him that was made by Chinese company Baidu (Baidu) Made used.

Digital man

Xian Li, head of Baidu’s digital human and robotics department, says:

“In China alone, there are over 400 million ACGN (animation, comic, game and novel) fans and a multi-hundred billion dollar enterprise market centered on digital humans.”

China now has more than 280,000 companies involved in digital human activities, according to Qichacha, which tracks business registrations.

What can the digital man do?

Digital man

From entertainment companies to public services, digital humans are set to play an ever-increasing role in people’s daily lives. Just as every human has their own set of skills and talents, so does the new generation of digital humans.

Digital Humans may also take advantage of recent advances in artificial intelligence models such as Baidu’s ERNIE, which can create realistic images based on text.

However, it is worth noting that digital humans and virtual worlds only replace real humans and our physical world. IDC China Assistant Research Director explains:

“Digital humans have already demonstrated clear business value in multiple areas. In the future, there will definitely be a large team of digital humans with us in life and work.”

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