Price jumps in the car market despite the closure of official markets

جهش قیمت در بازار خودرو علی رغم تعطیلی بازارهای رسمی

From the beginning of 1400 until now, the heaviest possible recession in the car market occurred in June and it is not known how long this recession will continue. However, it is expected that with the announcement of the results of the presidential election and the determination of Barjak, the task of buying and selling cars will resume. Corona is further causing the car market to stagnate

Price jumps in the car market despite the closure of official markets [به روز رسانی] – July 1400

On Tuesday last week, the price trend of high-volume cars in the market was examined. While the official market for car sales is still closed, prices have continued to rise and have accelerated in recent days; For example, since yesterday, Pride 111, which has not been produced for about a year and the free market inventories belong to the last few months of 1399, has suddenly become four million tomans more expensive and is currently priced at 138 million tomans. Of course, pricing is done, but not purchased!

According to studies of prices in the car market and comparing them with prices last week, in the over-circulation of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, Samand LX is priced at 213 million Tomans with an increase of six million Tomans. Of course, the highest price increase in the products of Iran Industrial Group, Khodro belongs to Peugeot Pars Sal and Peugeot 207 automatic, each with a price increase of seven million, today (Tuesday) Peugeot Pars Sal 250 million Tomans and Peugeot 207 Automatic 392 million Tomans, respectively.

As mentioned, after these two products, Samand LX has a price increase of six million Tomans and then Dena Plus Turbo Gear has increased by five million Tomans compared to last week and has reached 375 million Tomans.

The two products Peugeot 405 GLX and Peugeot 206 SD V8 have become more expensive by four million Tomans each, and now the Peugeot 405 GLX is priced at about 207 million Tomans and also the Peugeot 206 SD V8 is priced at 277 million Tomans.

Peugeot 206 Type 5 and Dena have also increased in price by three million Tomans each, and today they have been priced at 265 million (Peugeot 206 Type 5) and 295 million Tomans (Dena), respectively. Of course, in a few cases, the Peugeot 206 Type 5 has been priced at around 267 million Tomans.

In the products of Iran Khodro Industrial Group, products such as Peugeot 206 Type 2, Rana LX, Rana Plus (1399) and Haima S7 Turbo have had price stability compared to last week. Only Peugeot 207 gear with a price reduction of three million Tomans has reached 293 million Tomans.

Increase of 1 to 4 million Tomans of Saipa products

In the overproduced products of Saipa Automotive Group, an increasing trend of prices can be seen.

The products of the Pride family, despite the fact that their production line has been stopped for a year, are still available in the open market and are subject to significant price increases. During the last one or two days, Pride 111 has become four million tomans more expensive and has reached 138 million tomans from 134 million!

Pride 132 is the only 1398 model on the market, it has become two million tomans more expensive and today it is priced at 121 million tomans.

Pride 131 and Tiba are each faced with a price increase of one million Tomans in the open market, and currently Saipa 131 is priced at about 125 million Tomans and Tiba 132 million Tomans, respectively.

Other products of this automaker such as Saina, Tiba 2 and Quick have not changed in price compared to last week, and based on this, Saina is still priced at 147 million Tomans, Tiba 2 at 140 million Tomans and Quick gears at 150 million Tomans.

Pride van (Saipa 151) as the only surviving family in the production of Pride family products is priced at 144 million tomans. Quick R is priced at 160 million tomans.

It should be noted that as mentioned, there are no official prices as a result of official transactions in trade unions and official exhibitions due to the closure of corona restrictions, and the announced prices for products and their fluctuations are the result of the highest number of advertisements for sale.

The car market is waiting for the outcome of the Vienna talks [به روز رسانی] June 1400

This is not the first time we have seen such behavior from car buyers. For example, in the run-up to last year’s US presidential election, the car market was in a deep recession again, and buyers in the market were not satisfied with resuming trading until the election results were known and the exchange rate remained stable.

The point here is that although the car market is in a complete recession in the current situation, but prices sometimes increase and fluctuate up to one million tomans. The root of these fluctuations is also in exchange rate changes. Currency prices have been rising in recent days, and as a result, the car market has been affected by relative price growth.

Recession of the car market in June 1400

What is the reason for this recession?

The June 1400 stagnation of the car market is due to the fact that many final buyers of the market think that with the announcement of the results of the 13th presidential election, exchange rate fluctuations will decrease and inflation expectations will disappear. As a result, many have postponed buying a car so that they may be able to buy it at a lower price in the future.

The point that should not be forgotten is that our country’s car market is strongly influenced by political decisions and it is not at all clear that with the announcement of the final results of the upcoming elections, the exchange rate curve will decrease and consequently car prices in the open market will fall.

A number of experts, unlike car market buyers, do not consider the decline in car prices to be very effective in the presidential election and believe that it is the result of Barjam that is the main influential factor in the car market.

In fact, only if the revival of Borjam is successful can we expect that the cars offered in the market will face a decrease in price, and of course, this issue will be operational over time.

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