Prohibiting Chinese technology companies from using ChatGPT-based services

Prohibiting Chinese technology companies from using ChatGPT-based services

The Chinese government has recently banned all technology companies in the country Prohibited from providing ChatGPT-based services has done. Chinese state media has recently claimed that ChatGPT is based in America, and according to these media, ChatGPT is spreading false information that could be harmful to the Chinese government!

In this regard, the Chinese government has specifically prohibited large Chinese technology companies such as Tencent and Alibaba from providing online services based on ChatGPT directly or indirectly. The government of this country has also announced that companies that want to launch chat service technology based on artificial intelligence must first report to the relevant regulator and get permission from them.

ChatGPT is not available in China, and Tencent has banned all services based on the service after the government announced a ban on its use. Although ChatGPT will probably never be officially available in China, large Chinese companies such as Alibaba and Baidu have promised to develop similar technology, and the Chinese government continues to monitor these companies in this regard.

Banning ChatGPT China

Other Chinese companies such as JD.COM and NetEase also have plans to offer such services. Last week, at Fudan University in Shanghai, ChatGPT’s competitor, MOSS, was made available to the public for testing, and Baidu is also ready to complete and make its chatbot available by March.

In this regard, Chinese technology companies have assured the country’s government that their programs have nothing to do with ChatGPT and that these technologies offer some artificial intelligence features that can be controlled under Chinese regulations.

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