Promise of the Minister of Communications: People will experience speeds of several gigabits with fiber optics

وعده وزیر ارتباطات: مردم با فیبر نوری سرعت‌های چند گیگابیتی را تجربه خواهند کرد

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology stated that the plan of the Ministry of Communications is to take fiber optics to people’s homes in the next four years and to implement the fiber project at home, calling this a way for people to experience multi-gigabit speeds.

“National Information Network means that we have a high-capacity network inside the country,” Issa Zarepour, on the sidelines of a visit to the National Information Network Capacity Conference on Sustainable Infrastructure Development, said: “Let us have the maximum capacity when we want to connect to international communications, and let people have a good user experience.”

Ministry of Communications efforts to improve the user experience

“One of our plans to improve the user experience at the Ministry of Communications is to bring fiber optics to individual homes in the next four years, and the fiber project in “Let’s run the house so that people can experience multiplication speeds.”

“Especially in big cities where carving and delivering fiber to all parts of the country is difficult, but it requires a national determination that I see in the 13th government,” Zarepour said, adding that the fiber-optic project for homes is a difficult and complex task. “That should happen.”

Fiber optic production in the country

Emphasizing on the domestic production of fiber optics and trying to put aside the problem of self-confidence, the Minister of Communications said: “All the equipment of the national information network is inside the country. Be issued. “But we have a problem with self-esteem.”

According to him, exhibitions in the field of information technology are a sign of a bright future for young people in this field. “It is especially recommended to the management layers to see these exhibitions and factories where our young people can shape a bright future for us in this field,” he said.

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