Publication of the list of the highest paid CEOs in the world in 2021; Second place went to Tim Cook

انتشار لیست پردرآمدترین مدیران عامل جهان در 2021؛ جایگاه دوم به تیم کوک رسید

Tim Cook, Apple CEO became the second highest paid CEO in 2021 in the Fortune list after Ilan Mask, the richest person in the world. With Mask making $ 23.5 billion as CEO, Cook from Apple $ 770.5 million Has been paid.

According to the latest magazine classification FortuneThe CEO of the most valuable company in the world, earns this income not through ordinary wages but through a 10-year stock plan Worth $ 1.7 billion. Of course, in 2021 he had received other rewards. For example, Cook $ 82 million In other equities, he received $ 630,630 in security costs and $ 712,488 in private jets.

Apple’s success boosted Cook’s revenue

In March, critics called on Apple shareholders to oppose a reward $ 99 million To vote for Tim Cook, the investors agreed to pay the bonus. However, Fortune says Tim Cook’s revenue in 2021 is justified by Apple’s performance.

Cook in this list with a relatively large distance with Ilan MaskCEO of Tesla and SpaceX, which last year $ 23.5 billion Has earned. Most of this income came from the realization of the shares that were transferred to him in 2018. Tesla itself ranked 65th in the Fortune 500 this year, up 71 percent from 2020, at about $ 53.8 billion.

In third place is the name “Jensen Huang”, Nvidia CEO It can be seen that in 2021 approx $ 561 million He had income. The company transferred a share to its CEO in 2011 and 2012, which was recently realized and significantly increased the amount received by this CEO.

In the next categories, respectively, the name of the CEO Netflix With $ 453.5 million, CEO of Pharmaceutical Company Regeneron With $ 452.9 million, the founder Salesforce With $ 439.4 million, CEO Microsoft With $ 309.4 million, CEO Activision Blizzard With $ 296.7 million, CEO برودکام With $ 288 million and CEO Oracle Seen at $ 239.5 million.

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