Qalibaf announced the parliament’s insistence on the implementation of electronic electronic worksheets: Coupons, the last way to maintain people’s purchasing power

قالیباف از اصرار مجلس بر اجرایی شدن کالابرگ الکترونیکی خبر داد: کوپن، آخرین راه حفظ قدرت خرید مردم

Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Stating that in order to avoid the problems of paying cash subsidies and the margins in front of it, the parliament insists on electronic electronic worksheets, he announced the parliament’s efforts to maintain the purchasing power of the people.

According to him, according to parliamentary law, for each person per month, a certain amount of a few pens Essential goods Intended as chicken, eggs, butter and cheese. People should be able to do this with KalabergTo buy at the same price of September 1400.

This statement of the Speaker of the Parliament has been raised in a situation that has caused concern over the past few days Price increase Basic goods have confused people more than ever, and there have even been rumors of legal action against macaroni factories. But it seems that couponing basic goods electronically this time is the last resort to save people’s table.

Parliament’s efforts to maintain the purchasing power of the people

Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf Emphasizing that the policy of the parliament Maintain the purchasing power of the people “As enacted in Budget Law 1401; “Essential livelihood goods must be provided to the people through the electronic inventory at the price of September 1400.”

Qalibaf in today’s (Sunday, May 7) session of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in his speech before his order, pointing out that today one of the most important issues today is the debate Expensive “Obviously the price of industrial flour and pasta is high,” he said. Livelihood “People are tied to them.”

Qalibaf continues his explanations to the follow-ups and Meetings of the Assembly “It has been decided that the law of the parliament will be fully implemented, God willing, a livelihood will be created for the people,” he said.

How does an electronic worksheet work?

Qalibaf explains the goals in a part of his pre-order speech Electronic worksheet “The goal in this plan, as approved by the parliament in Budget Law 1401, is to provide the people with essential livelihood goods at the price of September 1400,” he said. “In this decision, the necessary livelihood goods should be given to the people at the price of September 1400 with the electronic goods list.”

Explaining the above model, the speaker cited an example and said: “For example, if 1.5 to 2 kg of chicken per person per month is provided, people can go to the same centers they used to buy with the same bank card they have. They were going to come. “For example, for a family of five, they can buy between 8 and 10 kilos of chicken at a price of about 30 to 35 thousand tomans per kilo, and the government pays the seller’s account for the difference between the normal market price and the market price.”

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Trying to survive, this time on the platform of technology

Referring to the meetings held with the president, Qalibaf said, “The discussions that took place yesterday at the meeting of the Economic Coordination Council, the government decided to make any payment within the framework of providing electronic commodities and to base the law on parliament.”

Electronic sheet, or the familiar phrase Coupons, Is a subject that has already been proposed in different types and forms. But taking advantage of the necessary capacities from electronic infrastructure to the Internet and its speed and even the possibility of being active Pos In terms of all hours and days of busy traffic transactionIs an issue that needs more attention.

Now we have to see where the electronic inventory will lead to the living conditions of the people after the electronic prescriptions, which, despite the importance in the development of the public health of the society, are still not properly implemented. Do people end up with the same definitive system response in pharmacies; Will they face a butcher and a baker this time?

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