Qatar 2022 World Cup will host the first assistant referee robot

جام جهانی ۲۰۲۲ قطر میزبان اولین ربات کمک داور می‌شود

International Football Federation (FIFA) Plans to compete in the 2022 World Cup for the first time in sports Offside Assistant Referee use. These robots are equipped with 10 cameras and detect offside more accurately than VAR.

According to Sun Magazine ReportFIFA President Gianni Infantino is eager to 2022 World Cup Which will be held in Qatar from November 21 this year (November 30), will use a semi-automatic offside detection system.

2022 World Cup Robotic Referee Technology

Tests required for this system from 10 cameras It is used to track the 29 points of each player’s body, in the 2019 FIFA Club World Cup, which was won by Liverpool, as well as the FIFA Arab Cup World Tournament.

Experiments have shown that this technology can detect offsides much faster than the current video refereeing system or VAR. However, new and positive news about the use of this technology is expected to be announced at the annual general meeting of the International Federation to be held on Monday.

Therefore, if the use of the robotic system is approved at this meeting, in the match between the two teams United Kingdom And Iran Which will be held on November 21 (November 30), we will see this offside detection technology for the second time.

2022 World Cup

Meanwhile, Pirluigi Colina, a former Italian referee and chairman of the Football Federation’s refereeing committee, has strongly criticized the diagnosis of robotic offside. He said:

“Referees and assistants are still responsible for making decisions on the pitch. “This technology only helps them to make more accurate and faster decisions, especially when it is very difficult to make the right decision about offside.”

However, nothing is certain yet, and it remains to be seen what decision will be made by the World Cup officials at Monday’s meeting.

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