Qualcomm is interested in buying Arm with the aim of strengthening the chip industry

کوالکام با هدف تقویت صنعت تراشه به خرید Arm علاقه‌مند است

Cristiano Amon, CEO Qualcomm Confirmed that the company is interested in buying British chip maker Arm by forming a consortium.

Amon in his interview with Financial Times He stated that they are interested in forming a consortium and buying Arm. He said:

“We are interested in investing. “The logo is a very important asset and is very necessary for the development of our industry.”

Arm It is one of the largest companies in the semiconductor industry and in the past few months, has gone through a trend of news. After later this year, the deal was 40 billion Nvidia Officially canceled with Softbank Group, owner of Arm, the future of the company is in a haze. Qualcomm now appears to be interested in buying Arm to expand its market dominance.

Of course, buying a logo for Qualcomm will not be an easy deal, and certainly Softbank does not want to lose its large chip maker for less than its real value. Especially when the global chip shortage is likely to continue until 2024 and this will have a huge impact on the technology industry. Arm now sells its chips to some of the world’s largest companies, including Huawei, Google, Apple, Samsung and MediaTek.

Qualcomm criticizes Nvidia’s purchase of logo


Qualcomm has also been a strong opponent of selling Arms to Nvidia in the past. Amun had said at the time:

“Logos have always been successful because of the collective investment of the whole ecosystem, from companies like Apple and Qualcomm, and because of the kind of independent, free architecture that everyone could invest in.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Nevertheless, Arm is one of the largest companies in the world, and its acquisition will undoubtedly face many regulatory barriers.

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