Quantum teleport; A revolution in how data is transmitted

تله پورت کوانتومی؛ انقلابی در نحوه انتقال دیتا

One of the biggest questions of the day is how to get huge amounts of data Transferred. Quantum theorists they say Remote transmission Or Teleport The dream of Star Trek and Willy Wonka, the fictional character of Charlie’s novel and the chocolate factory, may be able to come true in the not-too-distant future. the truth Become.

Scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and group work Quantum Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia Quantum data transmission It can become a reality and make a huge difference in data transfer. Research results of these study groups in the journal Nature Communications It’s been published.

Data transfer with quantum teleport

In the simplest form of transmission, we can refer to electricity Electrons They communicate with each other at the molecular level and electricity is transmitted. Now imagine a computer network in which files are sent back and forth to a server or through different workstations. Files and files seem to be moving fast, but in reality, Algorithms Which manage them even show that collisions between elements are seen and less data is transmitted during such situations.

In the continuous or linear flow of information, sometimes there are problems. Even in computer networks, Data packets Sometimes they collide or get lost. In the local fiber optic network also sometimes for example, light around and inside Fiber It is reflected that there is some inevitable loss of light from nature itself. Researchers say that even the noise caused by these data losses due to scattered data transmission is inevitable.

Find ways to reduction of casualties This is an important issue in the transmission industry. The more data sent, the greater the partial loss to the actual amount of data lost.

To study the casualties, the scientists first performed an experiment in which Photon It was thrown into a position but was deliberately lost in the interfering noise. To control the losses, the scientists first used a device called a noise-free linear amplifier. When this device works, it seems to take such photons and return it to the quantum state and return it to the healthy part of the data.

“A communication channel,” said Sergei Slosarenko, one of the study’s researchers, in a statement. Quantum teleport Helps with a mechanism to reduce such information loss. We did that in experiments. In these experiments, a so-called relay Quantum “It is being implemented, which is a key element in the telecommunications network.”

Next, researchers want this method for Quantum cryptography Test at long distances. Scientists then plan to pursue the dream of a truly secure global quantum network.

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