Ramzarz scam in Turkey: Police are investigating the theft of 350 million Dodge Quinns

کلاهبرداری رمزارز در ترکیه: پلیس درباره سرقت ۳۵۰ میلیون دوج کوین تحقیق می‌کند

According to the Turkish TV channel TV100, the Office of the Chief Prosecutor of the “Little Cekmece” district in Istanbul is conducting an extensive investigation into a Ramzarz scam. In this scam, 350 million Dodge Quinns have been stolen.

the door The plot of this scam It was claimed that there was a cryptocurrency operating system called “Dodge Quinn extraction” that would give people 100% profit in 40 days.

The mastermind of this project, called “Turgut V”, arranged individual meetings with people in luxury areas to persuade them to join the project. He also used a telegram channel to guide investors to transfer their Dodge coins to the system.

The system worked well in the first three months, and investors made a profit as promised. The same approach led to an increase in the number of investors and a total of nearly 1,500 people involved in the project.

But in the fourth month, Turgut V abruptly shuts down the system and people can not log in. Confused investors, they tried to contact him and his colleagues, but to no avail.

Eventually, investors find out that they are facing a scam, and some of them decide to sue. One of the investors told TV100 that he had invested 4 million bitcoins in the plan and lost 12 million Turkish lira.

Following a complaint from investors, the Turkish Office of Terrorism and Organized Crime launched an investigation into Turgut V and 11 other suspects. The prosecutor’s office has also issued an order to prevent Turgut V from leaving the country.

According to research, Turgut V was able to raise 350 million Dodge Quinns in its fourth month of operation, valued at approximately $ 100 million.

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