Razer unveiled its $ 20 telescopic reed several times

Razer unveiled its $ 20 telescopic reed several times

Razer is best known for its laptops and gaming accessories, but its new product has nothing to do with video games. The latest product introduced by Razer is a reusable straw.

The recently introduced multi-use razor straw has exactly the expected use and can be used for drinking. Although reeds are a very basic tool, it must be admitted that the product offered by Razer has a very attractive visual design. Included with the reed, which is similar to a telescope tube, is a similar cleaning brush and a small compartment for storing items. It is also located on a fake compartment with which you can easily attach the whole set to your bag.

If reusable needles are well received, disposable needles, which are often made of plastic, will disappear. However, we will continue to see a reduction in reliance on disposable plastics, which is a breakthrough for environmental health.

Reusable straw Razer is made of 304 grade stainless steel and its silicone tip is designed to protect against hot and cold liquids. The housing of this set is also made of silicone and its wicker brush has a design similar to a telescope. The length of this straw in the open state is about 23 cm, its inner diameter is 6 mm and its weight is 10.7 grams.

The straw is now available on the company’s official website for $ 19.99 and can be pre-purchased by interested parties. The razor reusable straw will be officially released on April 8 (April 19). Razer also recently approved the production of Project Hazel Smart Respirator.

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