Razer unveils Kaira X headset for Xbox and PlayStation consoles

ریزر از هدست Kaira X برای کنسول‌های ایکس باکس و پلی استیشن رونمایی کرد

Razer has introduced a new wired headset called the Kaira X for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The new Razer headset comes in several different designs to match the color of the controllers on both consoles.

Kaira X Razer headset from 50mm TriForce drivers benefits Which offers high sound quality. The headset also uses the Razer HyperClear Cardioid microphone, which has a special sound collection pattern to reduce noise. There are also volume buttons on the headset, and the Razer uses Flowknit foam pads and an extra cover on the headband for added user comfort.

In general, we are dealing with a relatively simple headset, but what makes the new Razer products attractive is its design and colors. The Xbox version of this headset is available in black, white, blue, red and yellow, which are also used by Microsoft console controllers. Of course, Razer has only started selling black and white versions of it now.

Also, the PlayStation version of this headset has a similar design to the DualSense controller, which includes two colors, white and black, and also has a Razer logo in blue.

The price of both versions of the Razer headset is the same and comes with a price tag of $ 59.99. Also sell them now in Razer official website it has begun.

X Box

In addition to the headset, Razer has introduced a new holder for the Xbox that supports fast charging technology and is available in a variety of colors. Users can use this stand to charge Xbox wireless controllers, and this product works with all Xbox One and X / S series controllers.

The razor holder is now available in red, blue, white, black and yellow, and the Aqua Shift version will be available soon. The base is priced at $ 39.99.

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