Reaction of the Chairman of the Joint Commission to the letter of the Legal Assistant: The total cancellation of the protection plan is a tasteless joke

واکنش رئیس کمیسیون مشترک به نامه معاونت حقوقی: ابطال کلی طرح صیانت یک شوخی بی‌مزه است

The head of the joint commission to review the protection plan, in response to a letter from the parliament’s legal deputy, said the process of preparing a new version and voting on it was not illegal. He also called the remarks about the general annulment of the protection plan a tasteless joke.

“Reza Taghipour Anvari” regarding Letter from the Deputy of Parliamentary Laws That yesterday’s vote on the generals of the new version was illegal Protection plan In the name Design of cyberspace services regulation system He told the radio and television:

“Given that the version that was voted on in its entirety was different from the version that was referred to the special commission, the July 26 version, it was not eligible to vote,” the deputy lawmaker said in his letter. The deputy lawmaker did not mention the cancellation in the letter, Mr. Poursaid himself is a legal entity and knows that Annulment of the commission vote “It is not possible unless the commission changes its mind.”

He went on to say that the letter states that it is not possible to upload a new version of the plan to check the second passion in the system, and said that the board of directors should consider a plan in this regard.

Chairman of the Joint Commission General cancellation of the plan Make a Funny joke He added: “Our path was right. The commission sent this plan to the Parliamentary Research Center based on the 9 Azar session (in the presence of the Speaker) and it was emphasized that Joint working group “Under the chairmanship of Mr. Yazdikhah, prepare this new version.”

Taghipour believes that, given that the special commission had given the mission to the special working group, it has the authority to vote on the version prepared at its request.

Criticizing the publication of this letter in cyberspace, he said:

“During this period, and with the change of the title and text of this plan until today, we have not been informed by the Deputy Minister of Laws, and even the recent opinions of the Parliamentary Research Center have been based on this new text. “I will definitely give the official reply to the deputy lawmaker of the parliament, but contrary to what happened, the letter was published in cyberspace before it reached us.”

Referring to the process of the conservation plan, the head of the Joint Commission added: “Finally, with the vote of the deputies, it was sent to the special commission for review in accordance with the principle of eighty-five.”

According to him, at first the criterion for reviewing this commission was the same version, but the change of this text followed the letter sent by the Minister of Communications on November 16, followed by a meeting with the Speaker, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology, the head of the National Cyberspace Center. , Yazdikhah, Deputy Member of Parliamentary Law, is a member of the Special Commission and he is formed in the meeting room of the Speaker of Parliament:

“At that meeting, we were asked to prepare a new version based on the opinions of the National Cyberspace Center and the Ministry of Communications. In fact, this was done at the request of the Minister of Communications and the National Center and with the opinion of the Speaker.”

Taghipour believes that the July 26 version, ie all the activities of the special commission over the past five months, should not be considered as a criterion: “That meeting was present.”

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