Reading the doctor’s handwriting will be done by Google

Reading the doctor's handwriting will be done by Google

Probably all of you have been to the doctor’s office by now and you have come across mysterious manuscripts of doctors whether you like it or not. Probably, many of you were praying to God that the pharmacy manager would not misread this ill-written doctor’s prescription and cause you more trouble. But now Google has stepped in to solve this problem at least for you by reading the doctor’s handwriting. Google is developing an artificial intelligence model that can decipher the difficult and famous handwriting of the world’s doctors by focusing on the notes and prescriptions written by them.

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How to read doctor’s handwriting by Google

The giant announced on Monday during its annual conference in India that it is working with pharmacists on an artificial intelligence-based machine learning model that can decipher written medical notes.

Google demonstrated this feature during the event and its ability to identify drugs in a handwritten prescription. There are no details yet on when Google’s new text decoding feature will launch, or specifically what kind of product it will be used on.

Reading the doctor's handwriting will be done by Google

In an announcement pulled from the Google India blog, the company said:

Today we introduced an advanced AI and machine learning model that can identify and even highlight drugs in handwritten prescriptions. It will serve as an assistive technology to digitize handwritten medical documents by empowering humans in the loop like pharmacists, but no decisions will be made solely based on the output provided by the technology.

Although this system is currently in development, we look forward to sharing more updates from Google as it rolls out more widely.

We’ve already seen similar technology implemented through the Google Lens gadget. For example, a multifunctional recognition tool with artificial intelligence that can be used to identify objects (such as products, plants or animal species) and translate languages ​​was used in this gadget. The Google Lens app can already be used to digitally transcribe handwritten notes, although, in tests by news agencies around the world, this feature depended on the legibility of said handwriting.

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