Recyclable microwaves: A new way to capture aerial images

میکروبالن‌های قابل بازیافت: روشی جدید برای ثبت تصاویر هوایی

When it comes to high quality aerial photography, we usually turn to satellites, drones or large aircraft. But recently Urban Sky has developed a system with small balloons or recyclable microballons that can capture even higher quality images at a lower cost.

Each From these microballoons It consists of a small recyclable stratospheric balloon, below which is a cargo module to which a quality optical camera is attached, and other cameras such as infrared or hyperspectral cameras can be used.

Performance of recyclable microballoons

When these balloons are still on the ground, they are 2.5 meters in diameter and some of them are filled with helium gas. As they move from their flight point to higher altitudes, the volume of helium gas increases. When the balloon reaches an altitude of more than 18,300 meters, ie somewhere in the stratospheric layer of the Earth’s atmosphere, helium fills the entire balloon and the diameter of the balloon reaches 5.5 meters.

From this height onwards, excess gas escapes from the pipes installed under the balloon. To place the balloon at the desired height, the balloon gas volume is kept constant. The microbalance camera then captures the image with its custom lens. This lens is designed to withstand harsh stratospheric conditions.

When the balloon moves in its horizontal directions, the camera rotates to record the largest possible area, while the camera rotates at the same speed as the balloon.

The final image result will be a combination of the entire desired area. According to Andrew Antonio, CEO and co-founder of Urban Sky, the system can capture an area of ​​1,000 square kilometers per hour. When the imaging process is complete, the balloon control crew members send an order from the ground to release the cargo module from the bottom of the balloon.

This reverses the entire balloon and expels the helium inside. When the module falls freely, its parachute opens at lower altitudes and slows down. Once the balloon reaches the ground, it can be reused and taken to higher altitudes for imaging.

The CEO of the company says that at present, this system has its own customers and it is already used, and with the beginning of spring, it should reach normal and daily use in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain area. In addition, Urban Sky recently contracted with the United States Air Force to develop a new version of the system to control moments of forest fires.

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