Reduction of Rytl internet tariff to suit the anniversary of the activity of this operator

کاهش تعرفه اینترنت رایتل به مناسب سالگرد فعالیت این اپراتور

On the occasion of the anniversary of this operator, Rytl users can use Rytl cheap internet without the need to purchase a package.

According to Rytl Public Relations, the users of this operator can benefit from free internet with a special tariff of 4,000 Tomans per gigabyte without the need to purchase a package.

The reduction of Rytl Internet tariffs in the history of the activity of the country’s communication service companies is unique to this operator and is intended for the cost-effective use of the Internet service without purchasing a package for the subscribers of this brand.

While the latest free internet usage rate by Rytl with a tariff of 4 thousand tomans was announced that the subscribers of other communication operators pay an average of about 40 to 60 thousand tomans for permanent and credit SIM cards to benefit from each gigabyte of free internet.

Also, this operator has previously announced making calls within the network (from Rytl to Rytl lines) with the lowest possible tariff of 7 Tomans (70 Rials) per minute of call. For example, the price of an hour of phone call with a Rytl SIM card is only 420 Tomans.

It is worth mentioning that based on the latest information received regarding the call tariffs of the operators, Rytl has considered the most affordable rate for the subscribers and the tariffs of other operators are almost 12 times this rate.

It is worth mentioning that the tenth anniversary of Rytl and the beginning of the second decade of the operator’s activity were released as an excuse to unveil the plan to reduce internet usage tariffs.

The brand of the first operator of the third generation mobile service provider, with the Rytl brand, was unveiled on Monday morning, November 21, 2011. The third generation of mobile network, or 3G, entered the country’s mobile phone market commercially from that day, and Rytl Communication Services Company, as a subsidiary of the Social Security Investment Company (Shasta), officially started its activities. In Rytl brand, “Rai” Persian words mean intelligence and wisdom and “tel” stands for telephone.

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