Registration for the 26th Elcamp will begin on June 12th

ثبت‌نام بیست و ششمین دوره الکامپ از 21 خرداد آغاز می‌شود

Registration for the 1401 Elcamp exhibition will begin on June 21 this year. The 26th edition of this exhibition is scheduled to be held in Tehran with a one-year delay from 11 August.

While Digiato has been holding this before Elcamp 26 in August This month, the headquarters of the exhibition officially confirmed the date. According to the announcement, with the improvement of the general conditions of the country and the control of Corona disease, the new date of the Elcamp was determined:

“Informs the general activists of the field of communication and information technology of the country, after many ups and downs and with favorable conditions and the resumption of exhibitions, the new date of the 26th exhibition of electronics, computers and e-commerce (Elcamp) as the largest technology event Country information and communications were identified. “This exhibition will be held by the Tehran Computer Guild Organization from Tuesday, August 2, to Friday, August 5, 1401 for four days at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions.”

It should be noted that the Elcamp Exhibition Headquarters will start the registration process of the applicants on Saturday, June 12, in order to expedite the process of the executive affairs of the exhibition, and this process will continue until July 25. Subsequently, after the applicants’ documents are approved by the headquarters, the applicants will be invited to be located based on the priority of registration and based on the announced area. Location details and conditions will be announced in future announcements.

According to the announcement, in the main part of Elcamp 1401 exhibition, large information and communication technology companies, knowledge-based groups, activists of the country’s startup ecosystem, including companies, teams and groups, communication operators, government and executive agencies and the main actors in this field will be present. . Other sections of Elcamp, including Elkamstars, Elkampich, Elkamtaks, Alkamjabs, Teenostars, Tvantek, Capital Bid and Accelerator, will welcome creative young people and innovative companies.

It is worth mentioning that Elcamp was finally held online in 1399 after several delays due to the corona outbreak. But the Elcamp officials wanted to hold the 26th edition of the exhibition in person in 1400, but once again the corona was blocked and finally Elcamp was not held last year.

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