Registration of 1400 online candidates will be done online

Registration of 1400 online candidates will be done online

The secretary and spokesman of the election headquarters announced the registration of all candidates for the presidential election, the Islamic Council of cities and villages, between the sessions of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and between the sessions of the Assembly of Experts.

“Ismail Mousavi” said in an interview with RFE / RL that the candidates will upload their required documents in the system by referring to the website of the Ministry of Interior, which will be unveiled by the time of the presidential election, or through a mobile application. According to Mousavi, the only time these users should physically visit is when the final approval of their registration, and this visit will be very short.

Emphasizing that all candidates will enter the elections only through virtual channels, the spokesman of the country’s election campaign said that this is in line with the observance of health protocols against the Corona virus. Mousavi explained to RFE / RL about the in-person application that occurs after in-person registration: “After the electronic registration, the presidential candidates will apply to the Ministry of Interior for final approval, and the candidates for the city and village Islamic council will be interim “The Islamic Consultative Assembly and the mid-term Assembly of Experts will also refer to the governorates and districts for final approval.”

Previously, rumors of electronic elections in the country were heard from various government institutions, and Mousavi did not deny this, and also gave the possibility of holding elections completely online: “It is possible for us that the voting process “We will electronically prevent many mistakes and violations in order to ensure the health of the elections.” According to Mousavi, holding e-elections requires electronic ballot boxes, which take a long time to build: do.”

Registration of 1400 online candidates will be done online Registration of 1400 online candidates will be done online 2

However, it should be said that the US elections that were held some time ago did not proceed electronically, and holding nationwide elections electronically is still one of the challenges that are faced in developed countries. The experience of holding the Nasr elections in the country, which was held on a much smaller scale and was accompanied by many problems, also shows that the necessary infrastructure may not yet be provided for holding such elections online.

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