Release images of the iPhone 13 format that show the different design of the camera

انتشار تصاویری از قالب آیفون ۱۳ که طراحی متفاوت دوربین را نشان می‌دهند

The closer we get to the introduction of the next generation of iPhones, the more information and images of them are published. Following the release of images of the case of these products, we are now witnessing the revelation of photos of the iPhone 13 family template.

Manufacturers of phone cases begin to design and build a product before it is launched, and since such a process has its own risks, it apparently consists of three stages.

First, the CAD designs of the new iPhones are revealed, specifying their dimensions as well as the location and placement of the main camera. Forms based on these dimensions and designs are then made, although some go for mock-ups to have a design similar to the final products. In the past, we have seen the release of replicas of iPhone 13. Finally, these molds or mock-ups are used to design and test frames.

Now, images of the iPhone 13 template have been released that show the design of the back panel of this family of Apple phones. A source named “DuanRui” shared these images on his Twitter account Shared And they say they belong to a case maker named “Benks”:

“Benks, the leading Chinese manufacturer of smartphone accessories, has sent these pictures of the iPhone 13 series models. “They have produced frames based on these models.”

Since many case manufacturers buy such molds and design their products based on them, the design of the iPhone 13 series will probably not be much different from these molds. Of course, previous reports about these smartphones also play a role in this regard.

The iPhone 13 template images show a similar design to the previous generation, with the difference that the layout of the iPhone 13 and 13 Mini main camera sensors is different from the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. In addition, the dimensions of the iPhone 13 Pro camera module have been significantly increased, as shown in the past images.

Finally, if the initial designs are correct, the manufacturers of the cases can make good money by offering them on the first day of the iPhone sale. But if the opposite is true, all corporate investments are lost because they have produced the wrong products.

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