Release of the 100th version of Firefox with several new features

عرضه صدمین ورژن فایرفاکس به همراه ویژگی‌های متعدد جدید

Firefox browser Due to its powerful and fast performance, it has always been a well-known and trusted name among Internet users, and on the other hand, it is always in the eyes of competitors such as Chrome He is considered a good opponent. Now, after years of companionship, صدمین A version of this browser is available with a variety of features.

company موزیلا Recently announced that Firefox 100 It is officially available and has many features to improve video capabilities, including support for subtitles in image-in-image mode, video support HDR At macOS And video support AV1 At Windows be.

Just a few months after Chrome released its 100th version, Mozilla is also going through this milestone and apparently plans to reach the 100th version with the new features and even smaller features such as a narrower navigation bar for Windows and Linux users. Celebrate.

Other information from the 100th version of Firefox

Firefox 100 first checks to see if the browser language is compatible with the operating system language, then suggests that the user select a language option.

This can be useful for users who are less familiar with computer science, as language selection options are often buried deep in a software’s configuration pages and are a little difficult to access.

Another language feature added to Firefox 100 makes it possible to “Check pronunciationUsed in several languages ​​simultaneously. To add other languages ​​to this feature, just select the desired language from the text box menu (right-click).

It should be noted that in Here You can read all the changes made in the latest version of Firefox, you can also read version 100 from Here Download or, if you already have the previous version, go to the settings section and update the browser.

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