Release of the first images of the Gigabyte AORUS B760 motherboard with DDR4 support

Release of the first images of the Gigabyte AORUS B760 motherboard with DDR4 support

Gigabyte motherboard B760 It has limited overclocking capabilities for the CPU and does not offer very good performance in terms of providing PCIe lanes, but still, this motherboard can be suitable for some gamers, and the first pictures of it have recently been published. This motherboard is one of the first boards equipped with the B760 chipset and is part of the GIGABYTE AORUS series.

It’s not a high-end product and it doesn’t even support DDR5, however it can be said that the lack of DDR5 support can also be considered a positive point for this motherboard. Meanwhile, the media outlet that published these images is said to expect the B760 to become a real headache for Intel’s rival, AMD.

Gigabyte B760 motherboard images

Due to the high prices of the X670 and B650 series motherboards, AMD has not been able to see good sales for the Ryzen 7000 series processors, and the latest AM5 processors are currently offered with a 20% discount due to the lack of sales. In this regard, in order to upgrade their system, in addition to other equipment, gamers should also consider the price and purchase of motherboards and DDR5 RAMs, which are not cheap at the moment.

Gigabyte B760 motherboard images

Motherboards with the B760 chipset, in addition to the current LGA1700 products, are now considered a good option, which are also available with DDR4 support. The 600 series boards are still supported, and buying a used Z690 series motherboard can be considered if it all comes down to the final price of the part.

Intel B760 series motherboards for 13th generation Intel Core non-k processors will be available in January next year, and the company is expected to unveil its new products at the upcoming CES.

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