Release of Ultimate Sackboy game for mobile phones

Release of Ultimate Sackboy game for mobile phones

The IOS and Android version of Ultimate Sackboy, which is based on the exclusive Little Big Planet game series, will soon be available to fans through Play Store and App Store.

After the favorable performance of PlayStation exclusives on PC, Sony is considering releasing more titles outside of its home consoles. Sony wants to do more and bring video games to mobile platforms. Hence, the popular Sackboy character is coming to iOS and Android operating systems.

Ultimate Sackboy gameplay

Ultimate Sackboy is a 3D game in the style of runner (running), whose perspective is very similar to Temple Run and Looney Tunes Dash! In this game, the character “Scboi” must pass through the so-called Ultimate Games, which is considered the most prominent tournament in Craftworld. According to information, players in Ultimate Sackboy will face familiar enemies and face various challenges to reach the highest point of Ultimate Games.

Ultimate Sackboy game

Ultimate Sackboy title It will be released on February 21 (March 2) for IOS and Android platforms. This game is free and players can unlock costumes and other items with in-app purchases. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan previously announced that Sony plans to release at least half of the company’s annual game releases in 2025 for PCs and mobile phones. Sony recently announced the release date of Returnal for PC.

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