Release of Windows 11 update and placement of Bing artificial intelligence chat in Windows taskbar

Release of Windows 11 update and placement of Bing artificial intelligence chat in Windows taskbar

Microsoft as part of the first major Windows 11 update of 2023 It’s supposed to be Bing’s AI chat capabilities and add other new features to the new version of Windows 11. In this regard, the chief product manager of Microsoft explained the new news about these updates in a blog post.

However, Microsoft has not yet started the public release of this version of Windows, and for now it seems that only users who have already applied for this update have received the new update. However, Microsoft will probably eventually release the preview version to all Windows 11 users.

Chat Bing is developed based on ChatGPT technology of OpenAI company and has been available in Microsoft search engine for weeks. Although in general this chat bot is attractive and responsive to users, but in some reports, it has started to spread false and insulting information to the user! However, as Microsoft has acknowledged, these problems occur during long sessions due to the bot getting lost.

Microsoft Windows 11 Bing Chat

However, Microsoft is working to fix the issues with Bing Chat before making it widely available to users, even Windows 11 users. At the same time, Redmondis is trying to integrate the new features of Bing and its AI chat into its other products.

Microsoft recently integrated Bing Chat into its Edge browser, and this feature has been extended to Skype. Now the world’s software giant plans to make this feature available for Windows 11 as well. Microsoft also plans to implement ChatGPT features for its Office 365 suite, which includes Word and Outlook, for these products in the near future.

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