Renault continues to lose sales in the world market due to the chip crisis and I wish the Chinese market share

Renault continues to lose sales in the world market due to the chip crisis and I wish the Chinese market share

Renault is a familiar name to us Iranians. The great French automaker, which has many years of experience in our country and is also known as a strategic partner of Nissan. Renault has made great efforts in recent years to increase its market share. From hiring new designers and creating new design language to attract younger customers to designing and producing stunning concepts and modern electric cars. However, Renault is not doing well in Asian markets these days. It has long lost the Iranian market due to sanctions, but according to statistics, in the Chinese market, which is the most important car market in the world, Renault has faced a decline in sales.

Most carmakers have experienced sales growth in China, the world’s largest car market, despite the Corona virus epidemic. But for the fifth consecutive season, Renault has not only seen no growth in its sales figures, but has also seen a decline in sales and popularity.

According to foreign media, it seems that the severe shortage of electronic chips in the world has plagued Renault and has greatly affected the company’s product lines. It remains to be seen whether Renault will be able to regain its lost ground in the Almond-eyed country once this problem is resolved. However, the company has opened a large account of its presence in the Iranian market, after negotiations and the revival of Borjam.

Of course, due to the heavy increase in the exchange rate, it should be said that even in the case of big brands to the country, the volume of car sales in the Iranian market is unlikely to reach the figures for 1996 On the other hand, due to the electrification of cars and the significant progress of the Chinese automotive industry, the situation of second-class automakers such as Renault and Peugeot in the yellow dragon market does not seem clear at all, and therefore it is not unlikely that We will continue the downward trend of the company’s sales in the coming years.

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