Rendering of Huawei Mate Pad Pro 2 tablet announces very narrow screen margins

رندر تبلت هواوی میت پد پرو ۲ از حاشیه‌های بسیار باریک نمایشگر خبر می‌دهد

Huawei plans to unveil the Mate Pad Pro 2 tablet on June 12 with a harmonious operating system, support for the M-Pencil smart pen, in two versions with the benefit of the Crane 9000 and Crane 9000E chipsets and two different sizes.

Before the unveiling date, a rendering of the tablet has been revealed, indicating that the new Chinese product will use very narrow margins around its display.

Based on Published reports According to informed Chinese sources, the Huawei Mate Pad Pro 2 will probably be introduced in two configurations, one using the Crane 9000 chipset with support for Wi-Fi network and the Crane 9000E with 5G network support.

Previous reports have suggested that the new Huawei tablet will likely be available in two versions with a 12.2-inch or 12.6-inch display. The Huawei Mate Pad Pro, on the other hand, has a small 10.8-inch display. Last year, the Chinese unveiled the Huawei Mate Pad Pro tablet with a 10.8-inch display using the Crane 990 chipset.

Not much is known about the specifications of the new tablet display, but the previous generation of this tablet uses an LCD display. As a result, it is unlikely that the Chinese have decided to launch a new generation of tablet with the same specifications, namely the LCD display. However, the Mate Pad Pro 2’s display is expected to have a higher refresh rate than the older version. In addition, it is possible that Huawei will release another version of the same tablet with an OLED display.

Huawei plans to unveil the Huawei Watch 3 with Harmony operating system along with the Huawei Mate Pad Pro 2 tablet. While the Mate Pad Pro uses a 7250 mAh battery, it seems that Huawei’s new tablet with a higher battery capacity is expected to be available to users.

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