Requesting consent to import cars into free zones at the same time as the World Cup

درخواست موافقت با واردات خودرو به مناطق آزاد همزمان با برگزاری جام جهانی

After the failure of the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade and Industrial Zones in releasing vehicles stored in customs, this time The request to import cars into the free zones was made directly from the President on the pretext of holding the World Cup.

The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Trade and Industrial Zones recently laid hands on the remains of vehicles that They entered the customs illegally since 1397 and are currently under the control of the Proprietary Property Organization. However, the transfer request has not yet been received and there are several legal obstacles that will take a long time to resolve.

But now the secretary of the Supreme Council seems to have found a new and justifying justification for liberalizing cars. The World Cup is approaching and areas such as Kish and Qeshm will be the hosts and destinations for spectators. For this reason, permission to import cars into the free zones has been requested this time under the pretext of holding the World Cup and directly from the President.

Cars covered in customs

Not bad to know that Covered cars are among the 12,261 vehicles that entered Iran before the car import ban was approved, but their clearance was difficult.. Of course, over time, and through several approvals and deadlines, about 10,000 cars were finally cleared through customs, but the rest still end up in the parking lot for various reasons, such as conflicts in court cases and non-registration of orders.

Of course, the twelfth government, late in its activity, proposed the clearance of covered cars. If this proposal is approved, All remaining vehicles, except American brands, were transferred to the free zones.

It remains to be seen whether the president of the 13th government can pave the way for the release of these luxury cars on the streets of Kish and Qeshm before the World Cup.

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