Research Company: Xiaomi was the largest Chinese mobile phone vendor in February

Research Company: Xiaomi was the largest Chinese mobile phone vendor in February

A new report recently released by Counterpoint Research lists Xiaomi as the largest Chinese mobile brand in the second month of the year.

Since the US embargo on Huawei, the Chinese mobile phone maker has been doing its best to fill the void. In January 2021, Oppo was named the largest mobile phone brand in China, and now a new report announces Xiaomi as the largest Chinese mobile phone brand in February.

According to Information provided According to Counterpoint Research, Xiaomi’s global market share reached 13% in February. The success made Xiaomi the “largest Chinese mobile brand in the world” and the “third largest mobile brand in the world.”

Samsung and Apple are known as the top mobile brands in the world with 20% and 17% of the global market share, respectively. According to the statistics provided, Huawei’s global market share decreased by 4%.

Research firm Strategy Analytics predicted Xiaomi’s success in another report a few days ago, and they even stated in their report that the Chinese company would become the third largest global mobile brand in 2021.

Xiaomi’s main reputation is due to their low-cost handsets. But since the Chinese company Huawei was banned and sanctioned, Xiaomi has started offering its top handsets worldwide. They now offer almost all of their high-end and high-end mobile phones in Europe, once Huawei’s realm. Xiaomi has even recently launched some of its handsets in sensitive markets such as India. However, it cannot be forgotten that the growth rate of Xiaomi mobile phones has been increasing in recent years.

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