Researchers are designing robots that can reproduce themselves

Researchers are designing robots that can reproduce themselves

MIT researchers They are currently working on another ambitious project where robots are supposed to effectively manufacture and redesign themselves! However, the team behind this project has stated that it is still years away from presenting such a robot, but the team’s efforts have apparently yielded positive results so far. voxel is a computer term inspired by computer graphics, and these voxels are the main materials at the center of the robot design system and are responsible for power and data transfer between parts.

These voxels form the basic parts of the robot, and additional voxels are connected together to form connections before moving through the assembly network. Voxel-based soft robots refer to a type of robot that has a modular design and their parts can be adjusted and reconfigured.

Soft and simple blocks and materials are also used in the construction of these robots. These features make these types of robots suitable for a wide range of tasks, and this is if the design of the software brain and their sensors are suitable and appropriate for the desired task. In an article published in the journal Nature, MIT researchers noted that their approach in this regard challenges the need for large machines and tools to build robots.

MIT researchers robot

Developing an appropriate level of machine intelligence for such a system is considered a big challenge, and in the meantime, the robots must determine in what conditions and when to build each other and also avoid collisions and inconsistencies in this field.

The most important part in this approach is the interconnected voxels used in this robotic system, so that Neil Gershenfeld, one of the authors of the article, admitted that voxels should be made intelligently, and the main idea is to make versatile voxels that can form physical structures and bear and also transmit power and data.

The US Army and NASA have also contributed to the financing of this project. However, the design’s hardware issues still remain, and the team is currently focused on building robust voxels to work efficiently and stably together.

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