Researchers at the University of Washington are testing the Apple Watch’s ability to diagnose respiratory diseases

Researchers at the University of Washington are testing the Apple Watch's ability to diagnose respiratory diseases

The Apple Watch is being tested for some respiratory illnesses, such as coronary heart disease and the flu. Apple, in collaboration with researchers at the University of Washington, has launched a new study project to test the performance of its smartwatch for early detection of respiratory diseases.

Cupertino residents have long paid special attention to the health sector. Apple works closely with University of Washington as part of its healthcare development plans Has been. The purpose of this collaboration is to evaluate the Apple Watch’s effectiveness in diagnosing some respiratory diseases, including the flu and coronary heart disease. If this study is successful, Apple Watch users can use their smartwatch to diagnose such diseases early.

An important question for researchers to answer is whether data collected by the Apple Watch and iPhone can detect the early signs of respiratory illnesses such as Covid-19.

Researchers are surveying Seattle users to answer this question. In the Seattle area, people are at greater risk of developing respiratory illnesses due to high contact. In general, the risk of some epidemics in this area is high. That’s why researchers have chosen Seattle to test the capabilities of the Apple Watch.

The study is expected to take at least six months. During the time period specified for this project, questions are periodically asked of the participants in this research and they must answer the relevant questions online.

If participants become ill during the project, they will be sent an in-house test kit for Covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses. It remains to be seen what new features Apple Research will offer to develop Apple Watch capabilities and in the field of healthcare.

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