Researchers have for the first time recorded the brain waves of a dying patient

محققان برای اولین بار امواج مغزی یک بیمار در حال مرگ را ثبت کردند

The human brain is very active and directed even when it is nearing the end of its life. Now, in a study by a group of researchers, a person recorded brain waves at the time of death and observed cognitive activity similar to dreaming or meditation.

May Technology It helps to keep us alive even after death, but we are still not sure what will happen to someone when they die. Now it is possible that we can take a look at brain activity at death.

At this study, An 87-year-old man was taken to an Estonian emergency center after a fall. The patient was rushed to the operating room, but experienced 12 seizures after surgery. The patient’s physicians to monitor him from Continuous electroencephalography or EEG Used to diagnose seizures before the attack. Unfortunately, in the meantime, the patient suffered a previous attack and lost it.

However, continuous EEGs from the 87-year-old’s brain provided us with the first information about human brain activity at death. Brain activity is monitored by fluctuations in the EEG and falls into different categories called alpha, beta, delta, theta, gamma and other groups. Category oscillations Gamma It relates to higher-level cognitive activities such as concentration, dreaming, meditation, memory recall, information processing, and conscious perception.

The researchers observed all types of brain waves in the patient’s EEG, but gamma waves were found to be much stronger than the other groups. The researchers in this study speculate that the reason for the strong gamma waves in the last moments of life, remembering memories have been.

Reminders of memories before death

The brain may recall important life events in these last moments, just as some people experienced near-death experiences. Although the results of this study are the first example of recording human brain waves before death, researchers have previously recorded such waves in mouses Had also seen.

Given the widespread changes in brain waves before death, scientists have theorized that: the brain It is responsible for all the biological activities of the body, and even the brain of all animal species works with such precision. Of course, this is not a far-fetched hypothesis, since every cell in the body dies one day.

However, researchers have not yet made a general conclusion, and to date this study Confirmation only This is the theory. In addition, since the patient has suffered from brain death and experienced several seizures before death, a general conclusion based on it will be hasty.

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