Researchers have set a new record for the efficiency of hydrogen production from solar energy

محققان به رکورد جدیدی در بازدهی تولید هیدروژن از انرژی خورشیدی دست یافتند

Solar hydrogen is clean energy that can help increase the reliability of terrestrial fuels, and researchers have recently set a new record for producing high-efficiency, low-cost renewable hydrogen from solar energy. But what is this return?

Researchers at the Australian National University and the University of New South Wales they say They have been able to convert solar energy into hydrogen with an efficiency of more than 20%. By combining solar cells with low-cost catalyst materials, they have been able to decompose water into hydrogen and oxygen through an electrospinning process.

“His team’s new approach is to combine solar cells with hydrogen electrolytes and turn them into a single unit, which increases production efficiency and reduces costs,” said Dr. Siva Carrotori of the University of Australia in an interview.

“In a centralized power plant operating on a power grid, membranes and electrodes are stacked in several layers – sometimes hundreds – to produce the necessary production capacity and form a complex system.”

Carotori states that in direct photovoltaic (PV) electroplating, a single unit of electrodes and membranes can be converted directly to PV cells into a simple solar hydrogen module. This eliminates the need for power grids and electrical outlets, and increases energy conversion efficiency while reducing costs.

Researchers estimate that with this new design, they could increase the cost of producing renewable hydrogen to $ 2.3 per kilogram. This ratio is in accordance with the standard set by the US Department of Energy.

Given that the world wants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050, the news of achieving the ability to produce solar hydrogen with this high efficiency is very promising. Earlier in 2017, another group of researchers was able to achieve an attractive way to produce hydrogen fuel with solar panels floating on the sea. Of course, that technology still had a very high production cost.

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