Researchers have skinned a 53-year-old woman about 30 years younger

محققان پوست زن 53 ساله‌ای را حدود 30 سال جوان کردند

Scientists have been looking for rejuvenation strategies for a long time, and now researchers at the University of Cambridge have succeeded in rejuvenating 53-year-old skin cells by 30 years to 23 years.

Cambridge scientists believe they can do the same with other body tissues. The ultimate goal is to develop therapies for age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and neurological disorders. This technology is based on techniques developed more than 25 years ago to make a simulated sheep called «DalyWas used.

The head of the team, Prof.Wolf RickFrom the Babraham Institute in Cambridge said“We hope to be able to rejuvenate other cells in the body with the help of skin rejuvenation techniques, thus preventing diseases that occur due to aging.”

Use an old technique to rejuvenate the skin

The technique dates back to the 1990s, when researchers at the InstituteRoslinOutside Edinburgh, they invented a way to transform adult mammary gland cells from sheep into embryos. This led to the creation of the simulated Dolly sheep. The purpose of this was not to create a sheep, but to produce human embryonic stem cells. They hoped that these stem cells could be transformed into specific tissues in the body, such as muscle, cartilage, and nerve cells, so that they could eventually replace worn-out parts.

This technique was simplified in 2006 by Professor Shinya Yamanaka, andIPSWas named. In the IPS method, chemicals are added to adult cells, as a result of which genetic changes turn these adult cells into stem cells. This process takes 50 days, but in skin rejuvenation this process was reduced to 12.

In their experiments, the researchers examined 53-year-old skin cells and found that 12 days After injecting the chemicals, these cells became young skin cells, about 23 years old.

“Some of the first uses of this method could be to produce drugs to rejuvenate the skin of the elderly, especially in areas where the skin has been cut or burned,” says Professor Rick. “On the other hand, it could possibly be used to regenerate other tissues, such as muscle and liver, blood cells.”

The big question is, will research efforts in this area lead to a way to rebuild the whole body, rejuvenate the elixir or take anti-aging pills? Professor Rick does not take this idea for granted.

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